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Pandas on White Background Bag

Pandas on White Background Bag

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Our premium quality cotton bags are the perfect way to hold your colour-coordinated face masks, scrub hats and hair scrunchies in one place to keep them clean as you travel each day.

Then when you get home each night you can machine wash and dry them all together, so they are fresh and clean for the next day.

We invest extra time by professionally top-stitching all seams for extended durability with special colour-matching thread.

After we make each fashion bag, we pre-wash and pre-shrink them using hygienic cleaning solutions with anti-allergens so they are fresh and clean for you to wear right away. 

Materials Both sides are made with 100% cotton fabric and finished with poly/cotton thread. Note that natural cotton fabrics may shrink and/or fade over time after repeated washings and reuse.

Care Instructions: Fully machine washable in warm water, plus safe for machine dry/iron. Recommend washing daily or after each use.

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